About Us

At Fused Fitness our goal is to help you achieve yours with challenging workouts and high-energy instructors! We like to keep our workouts new and fresh to constantly keep you engaged and to ensure that you consistently see results. 


Our promise to go with the flow of the fitness industry trends simply means that you will never get bored of our fusion or traditional classes. 


What has inspired us to bring you Fused Fitness? Our inspiration is YOU. When we see individuals that push themselves to new limits, and achieve physical and mental strength they didn't know they were capable of, we are truly inspired by the constant focus and motivation it takes to get there. 


Meet the Owner

To anyone who is reading this - I am excited that you are looking to either start or evolve your fitness journey! There are so many different styles of fitness, and I am thrilled that you are considering Fused Fitness to be a part of your journey.


Here is a little bit about my journey:


All throughout high school and college I was a competitive cheerleader. Competitive cheerleading at my college meant weight room and early morning workouts so I stayed healthy most of my college career. In my junior year of college cheerleading I tore my ACL, so for my senior year while I was still on the team, I wasn't as active. Between being less active, eating, and drinking like it was going out of style I gained about 30 lbs from when I had first started school.


After I graduated and got a full time job I knew that if I was going to make a change it was going to have to be a complete lifestyle change. When I started going to the gym I was doing traditional body building style workouts with one day of cardio (indoor cycling) per week. From traditional body building I transitioned into Cross Fit which allowed me to be competitive again. I love the results I have achieved from high-intensity functional fitness but I also love the mental strength and physical endurance that comes from indoor cycling. I also love challenging my mind and body with yoga which is so necessary after those high-intensity workouts!


Whether you end up here at Fused Fitness or another fitness facility, I hope that you find what works best for you: your body, your mind, and your overall goals.